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What is Holistic?

Holistic comes from the Greek word holos which means to treat the mind, body and spirit as a whole to achieve a natural state of equilibrium rather than to separate them as contemporary medicine is inclined to do.

Due to the proven effectiveness of holistic therapies, medical practitioners are increasingly referring patients for alternative treatments rather than invasive procedures and drug prescriptions.

Holistic medicine follows a balanced approach to healing designed to strengthen the body's own defenses. It instills a sense of mental and physical harmony, and eradicates disease from the root by promoting a natural healthy lifestyle.


Our therapists

Our body-workers are carefully chosen for their exceptional skills, professionalism and attention to customer care ensuring that your experience with us is always satisfactory.

We are ready to help you find your individual path to sustained well being. At Musha Matombo we aim to meet client expectations through providing a quality product that is holistic and esteems life-enhancing values of sharing, harmony, cooperation, and reverence for life. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination of all types.

Musha Matombo has a referral database of recommended alternative practitioners we work with regularly to help clients achieve their optimum health including the specializations of homeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, psychology, yoga and pilates.